Sunday, August 3, 2014

Black, white and pink in between.

SCARF Dotti | SHIRT Ally | DRESS Angelic Pretty | BADGE Katie | SOCKS Dangerfield

An old outfit I put together during the summer (it was really hot!) using Fantastic Dolly: 60s inspired striped scarf hair ribbon, shirt and dress with varying sized polka dots, and the clash of the patterns and monotone colours all mean war. Pink decided to take it's chances, what the heck!, and invade what it could, which doesn't happen to be much. The Italy of Pattern War I. A little bit retro but I kind of like the comfortable factor of this one. Still, I shan't ever be wearing this in summer. Ever.

In other news, I'm still slacking! It's already been a month without me realising! And so much has happened. I've worn plenty more outfits, though I'm still using older ones. I'll get posting and maybe, I'll learn to keep a regular schedule.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Take two.

HEADBOW Offbrand | COLLAR TEMT | BLOUSE Ally | DRESS Angelic Pretty | SOCKS American Apparel | BANGLE Chocomint

Look at those shy toes! I always curl them for some reason in these coordinate photos ...

There are no rules and no guidelines to my coordinating 'skills' (that is, if you can consider this abhorrent outfit something done by someone with skill). And there is probably no style, either. But here we go, the same dress and what a difference a blouse can make to an outfit! With a creamy balloon sleeve blouse, the outfit is all fluffy, creamy and souffle (I shall use it as an adjective, whatever your objections, friend.) With the black blouse as seen below, I'm undoubtedly making you swoon with my suave 'coolness'.

You know it.

HEADBOW Offbrand | SHIRT Factorie | BADGE Globalize | DRESS Angelic Pretty | SOCKS American Apparel | BANGLE Chocomint