Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It's been a while.

Hat: ASOS, UK.
Collar: Taobao, China.
Blouse: Cotton On, Australia.
Dress: Forest Harvest JSK by Innocent World, Japan.
Belt: Unknown.
Bag: Zipia, Korea.

Coming back with a DON! An outfit that looks nearly hipster, but is actually Lolita! What have I been up to this entire whole half of a year, you may very well ask? Here is a quick run down of what happened in no particular order.

・ I finished my Bachelor level studies.
・ I graduated from both my Law and Arts (French Major) degrees as well as my Diploma in Languages (Japanese).
・ A few months was use to rest up until my graduation ceremony where I received three pieces of very important and expensive papers.
・ I got a casual position in the Kids' department at the multi-national fashion brand, ZARA.
・ A secret event is being organised by MORIPOP.
・ I have decided to leave the Lolita Blog Carnival, due to being unable to keep up.
・ I became super-active on Instagram!
・ Beginning of a plan for fulfilling my first dream has materialised ... and I planned a bit of what I'd like to accomplish for the future.
・ I wrote a new song after a year of writer's block.
・ I started to clean my room (yes, it's a big accomplishment!)
・ I began watching One Piece anime again (exciting? yes!) and also a few other ones which have grabbed my attention.
・ I've bought a lot of clothes, including quite a few dream pieces!
・ And I've worn more Lolita this entire year, than I have the five years prior to 2013!

Many deep and difficult questions are coming up, and I'm going to do my best to take on the challenge! And with Christmas coming up, a new list of self-motivating presents and will to save will begin to compete for funds from my bank account! I'll be revamping my post and photo layouts, so expect a change for the better.

What adventure lies in wait for me for the end of the year, and the beginning of a new one? Let's finish the year with a DON!

Take care!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Carnival: All I Want.

For this week, the Carnival asked us to list three of our dream items. I have been fortunate enough to obtain many of my major dream dresses up until this point, including rarer items like Jane Marple's British Library (secondhand) & Royal Stamp (brand new from JM's online store); Angelic Pretty's Holy Night Story (brand new) & Toy March (secondhand); Emily Temple Cute's Mr. British Bunny (secondhand); and Innocent World's Forest Harvest (brand new from IW's online store). The items for which I have craved the most have mostly been satisfied with a little searching and a lot of patience.

But of course! there is no such thing as too many dresses, and there are around five (six? eight? eleven? haha!) dresses I'd still love to have one day (some which I must lose weight to fit into, and others being colour variations of dresses I already own). However, I have narrowed it down to three unique items.

One of the first ever Jane Marple things I have dreamed of owning. In fact, it is probably because it is old, that I cannot seem to find a stock picture easily (and I cannot locate the file on my computer either!) Jane Marple's "British-ness" is of course what I love the most!

I love this painting and I love this dress because of the painting. More than anything, the lady is elegant but seems to hold such power. My wishlist item in size 2.

I watched sadly as the auction to this ended one day. I ought to have bought it on release, but it never occurred to me that Emikyu had shirring. I found out later, that this dream dress has shirring. Unfortunately, I have not seen it since. My preferred colour way is Navy x Gold.

Other than these, I would love to have the red and white versions of Angelic Pretty's Holy Night Story JSK, Jane Marple's Old Library and Gobelin Book prints and any musical JM instrument prints, Innocent World's Emblem Print scallop JSK, Alice & the Pirates Scent of Rapunzel JSK 1, Juliette et Justine's Amour d'Ammants & Robe de Chateau in blue Dresses, and Emily Temple Cute's Wonderland (falling Alice) Print NOPs.

Want to know for what the world's Lolitas are currently searching? Read their lists!

2 teaspoons of sugar, A Lace Jail, Alice in Lolita, Darkly Darkling, Derpland, Frillycakes, hologram.world, ima-princess, Jewellery Box of Starry-Eyed Lolita, Masquerade Doll, Toothless Tigers, Under the Parasol

Take care!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hello, Sweetheart.

A member of our Lolita community in Adelaide, organised a nationwide online event where partners are randomly chosen and asked to take a photo of themselves making a heart shape with their hands. Later on, we pasted the pictures together with our partner's and this was the result of my partner and my photograph. Choco-Strawberry Carnival starring Skye and Kai!

Take care!

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Contact Lens: Princess Mimi in Almond by GEO Medical.
Foundation: Diamond BB by Skin79.
Cheek Colour: Cream de Cheek in RD411 by Majolica Majorca.
Eye Line: Liquid Eyeliner in Black by Dolly Wink.
Eye Lash/Mascara: Amo Pastel-A Lashes (upper) by Eyemazing x Zipper; Shitama! (lower) by Eyemazing x Zipper.
Eye Brow: Eyebrow Pallete in Dark Chocolate by Dolly Wink.
Eye Colour: Brown Pallete by M.A.C (my older sister's, ahem.)
Lip Gloss: Baby Lips Tinted Balm in Berry by Mabeline.

My youngest sister and I were bored at home one day, so we decided to play with some make up. This is the result. Actually, the photos look much better than real life, don't they? There are some fabulous apps on phones these days. Secondly, comestics have really improved over the last decade (I have been celebrating the 10th Anniversary of one of my favourite brands, Majolica Majorca! My first MM item was from 2006!) So, everyone is beautiful!

Stay lovely, dears!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sweet Soldier.

Hat: Handmade by me.
Blouse: Ally, Australia.
Dress: Toy March Special Set by Angelic Pretty, Japan.
Tights: Equip, Australia.
Shoes: Secret Shop, China.
Bow Clip: Taobao, China.
Bowtie: Makeshift.

I made the hat to match the outfit! I have been waiting too long for Angelic Pretty's Holy Night Story hat (which I ought to have gotten when I asked my shopping service to reserve it.) First time to wear a dream print, Toy March. Although the colour was not my first preference, I decided to buy it after missing the official site release. I waited a long time for my preferred colour, but it never came up so I bought the brown set. Two days after, the green & navy military version appeared on Mbok. I also bought it (even though I do not have a lot of spare money). I'm terrible! (What is more terrible, is the fact that I want Holy Night Story in every colour as well.)

Have you ever bought anything in a less preferred style or colour because you had waited so long?