Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Winter coming.

One of my favourite online places to shop is 楽天(Rakuten), a large Japanese online mall. They have a large number of stores selling a variety of things, from clothes, to food, to jewellery and technology. Fortunately, Rakuten has introduced a new format to allow international customers to order from select stores, which makes it easier and cheaper for shoppers to buy from overseas.

Recently I made an order to one of the more popular stores, 夢展望(DreamV) which is popular as a gyaru clothing store. Surprisingly, they have a large range of clothes that seem to fit casual vintage styles and come in a range of sizes. Not to mention, reasonable prices makes it affordable!

"Mademoiselle, what did you buy?"

I bought a cute book bag, two pearl collar cardigans, two lace collar blouses and a polka dot blouse.

I'm glad I got some long sleeve blouses for the coming Winter!


  1. Love the long sleeve blouses! :)

  2. Wow, nice items !
    I definitively should check more often Dream V ^^

    Now I want oufit shots with those items :p

    1. Surprisingly cute items, aren't they? I was surprised since I always assumed they were a gyaru store!

      I can't wait to use them either! :D